Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mustache Mincers, Islam85, Planet Vegeta and more!

Since the last time I bothered to update the blog a lot has happened! The Mustache Mincers 10"s have arrived, both the Planet Vegeta and Islam85 tapes came out I have my copies of the Agathocles/Jeffrey Dahmer split CS!

Over a year in the making this manly mustachioed masterpiece is FINALLY out! Nineteen punishing tracks spewed out by twelve bands from all over the world!
 Limited to 500 copies on random mixed vinyl, most of them are purple/pink, some copies on blue exist ,unfortunately I don't have any of those. Each copy comes with a 3x3 patch.
Co-release with Pan Del Muerte Records!
The next two tapes didn't take as long to come out and I think they came out great! These are also the first two releases that I had j cards pro-printed and it was well worth the money! As always the tapes were duplicated and assembled at TEG headquarters, otherwise known as my cramped as shit bedroom.
Throw some fed-the-fuck-up Noothgrush inspired powerviolence into a blender with a little bit of misanthropic-stonergrind and a dual vocal attack, you have Islam85! Limited to 100 copies, comes with a download card.

first 25 orders get a free hand screened beer koozie!
Drum & bass rockviolence, equally influenced by Dragon Ball Z and Lightening Bolt, this is the auditory equivalent of a Spirit Bomb. Each tape comes with a button, limited to 60 copies.
Agathocles needs no introduction but I know there are some of you out there who are still unfamiliar with these Belgian legends, so here ya go. Since 1985 these mince masters have spewed out well over 200 releases (probably close to 300 at this point) with countless bands from all over the world. After all this time they haven't slowed down one bit and they continue to release awesome and original material. Lately they've tuned down the mince and have been playing a more straight forward grind/d-beat style (Split 10" with Vomit Fall comes to mind, and more recently the split with Maximum Thrash). Jeffrey Dahmer, hailing from Indonesia, are a relatively new band (been around since '11) but have already cranked out tons of releases and already have a shit load more planned! These dudes tear their side the fuck up with some raw-nasty-straight-to-the-point-crusty-grind! I've listened to this almost daily since I first got the masters a couple months ago and I still love it.
Limited to 150 copies, 100 on white/50 on black, co-release with Riotous Outburst Records.

that's it for new releases for the moment, here's what's coming up!

Disleksick/Gorgonized Dorks split 7" HUGE co-release (kind of like the SBB LP) with Blistered Mind, 665 Tapes & Records, Coffin Crawl Records, Coffee Grinder Records, Urine Soaked Rag Records, Robot Lust Records, Gothic Gospel Records and possibly a couple more? This will be limited to 300 copies, I should have mine in a few days.
Couple Skate/Faction Disaster split CS
Blunt Guts- Sickness/Torture/Death CS

There are some more releases, new and others that have been in the works for a while, but I'm not going to bother posting about those right now. This blog is always 10 steps behind the webstore and facebook so if you want this news while it's fresh, check those pages!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Here we go again!

It's been longer than ever since I've updated on here, then again there are only 5 or 6 people who actually view this blog. Well, at least I have a substantial amount of things to post about, maybe I should continue to routinely neglect the blog...
Since my last post quite a lot has happened, there are two new CDr's as well as two new tapes to post about (one of which was incredibly limited and sold out immediately!) There are also going to be A LOT more tapes and two or three more records coming out this year!

First up is the Liquefying Cerebral Hemispheres With Nano-Molecular Sentient Beings- Discography CDr
This certainly is a lot to say but upon listening you'll understand. Another devastating one man noise project from the one and only, Paul Phipps! Seven tracks of distorted, thought provoking, post 9/11 NOISE, Limited to 20 copies, only 10 available through the label.

Next is Part One of the You Know How I Feel About Feet series from Ginger Cortes, the parts labeled on the cassette shells are parts of Vol. I.
Have you ever had a really fucked up dream that, upon waking, you couldn't recall what it was about? Well this CS is as close as you will get to reliving the nightmare that you experienced during REM sleep. Ginger Cortes dishes out three tracks of the most horrifying, fucked up harsh noise that I've heard to date. Strictly limited to 10 copies. This sold out from the label as well as GC in a matter of minutes, sorry!

Here we have the harshest of harsh noise from this pair of deaf degenerates! ATTENTION functioning alcoholics, noise freaks, mindless 9-5 drones and soccer moms: Has life become boring, dull, listless? Well why not shake up your miserable existence and make your life a little more ridged by injecting over an hour of the most unpleasant, eardrum perforating, harsh noise you've ever heard! Grab yourself a 64oz Irish coffee, insert this disc into whichever orifice you prefer and just take it all in. Mow down pedestrians in an open air market, mercilessly slaughter your family, preform back alley abortions, plant explosives in the vehicles of unsuspecting state officials/police or just drop LSD onto the holy Eucharist before Sunday mas at your local church, the possibilities are limitless, just go with what feels right and know that you're doing the right thing. Limited to 21 copies. Only 7 available through the label! 

Last but not least, and certainly the most exciting...Beginning in the early 1970's the Ganzfeld Procedure was developed in the field of parapsychology to test individuals for Extrasensory Perception or ESP. It was believed that the visions produced from the sensory deprivation were the individuals link to the "other side". Over time it was discovered that not only was there no proven link to the other side, or to having ESP, but it was the brains way of creating it's own stimulation. The human brain craves stimulation, almost to the point of addiction, so by placing the ping pong ball halves over your eyes you eliminate all visual stimuli. Throughout the experiment, the subject is given a noise recording to listen to. After a few minutes the recording should cause the brain to create it's own stimulation (hallucinate), due to a lack of actual visual stimuli and the noise/sound waves resonating inside the ping pong ball halves. Strictly limited to 30 copies, only 15 available through the label. One ping pong ball and instruction set will be included with each tape.

That's it for current releases, but, AT LONG LAST the Mustache Mincers 10" Comp is done and I will have it in a couple of days! An international manly mince comp set on destroying your life under the influence of way too much facial hair.
Agachotles/Jeffrey Dahmer split CS (co-release with Riotous Outburst Records)
PxBxSx- Discography CS
Faction Disaster/Couple Skate split CS
Blunt Guts- Sickness Torture Death split CS
Looter/Video Nasty split CS
Gorgonized Dorks/Iron Butter split 7" (co-release with Mannequin Rein Records)
I have some more solo tapes, one of which is a reissue of a KILLER album from some legit motherfuckers,  in the works as well as an 8" shaped lathe and split 7" between two of Canadas finest contemporary grinders!
Before I leave and ignore this pages existence for another couple of months, The Irritated and Uncomfortable comp is slowly but surely coming together, I have a few tracks and am still waiting on A LOT more, holy shit this tape is going to kick your ass!

P.S.- It has been well over a year since this rinky-dink operation started and I have received a ton of support from a lot of people. So, thanks to the following for helping me out, putting up with my shit and just being generally awesome... Lauren Shields, Mike Jones, Jacob Bennett, Scott P. Soles/Midnight Sea, Derek Navarduskas, Dom/Pan Del Muerte, Paul Phipps, Ben + Katz/Gorgonized Dorks, Maxx/Mannequin Rein, Eduardo/DIY Noise, Ralph/Haunted Hotel, Kyle Shcroeder, Jake/Professional Mind Fuck Collective, Danny/Ovvrpopulation Recs, Matt Hex, Tim/Opaqus Recs, VII/Operation Grindcore, Tha Mother Brain and all the Cali/Midwest/Boston/Rhode Island homies. Fuck posers, kill rip offs!

Friday, October 12, 2012


Naah, not really BUT ton's of stuff is happening, busy as fuck. Serious label/distro updates to come, check back soon!


Sunday, September 16, 2012

You should know by now to never expect an up to date update on this page!

Hectic as always over here and as usual I neglect this page, even when I have things worth posting, so here are some updates to satisfy your insatiable infatuation for tympanic membrane destruction!
The Planet Vegeta Demo CDr is out! This is my first CDr release, until now I was vehemently against CD/CDr releases because of how boring CDs and their packaging are but designing and putting this together totally changed my mind, I am looking forward to releasing even more material on this format in the future. DBZ nerdz get ready, this is the sexiest Super Saiyan inspired, Lightening Bolt influenced shit you'll ever hear! Super-groovy-heavy-as-fuck-instrumental-violence not of this world!! I have ONE copy of this left and the band has the rest, DONT SLEEP, because this shit is FREE!
Keep your beady-ass eyes peeled for the tape!!

The Agitate/Badaksinga split and Islam85 tapes are on the horizon, the art is finished for the I85 tape, thanks Nick, and the A//B art is almost ready! Each release will have a "limited edition" version of the tape, there will be no pre-orders or reservations or any of that bullshit. Limited edition copies will be given on a first-come, first-served basis! One of these bastards will come with a beer koozie, wanna know which one? BUY THEM BOTH!

I will have my copies of the Mustache Mincers 10" in my slimy hands within the next few weeks, much thanks to Dom for dealing with my financial instability, can't wait to hold the finished product! This comp has been a long time coming and is almost ready to mince you to death!

I've been talking a lot about updates for the G Dorks/Iron Butter split 7" for a while with no follow through and I apologize so here ya go! I am waiting on some tracks and the art is still in limbo but the co-presser is FINALLY revealed! Maxxwell of Sender/Receiver, Dead Church and the man behind Mannequin Rein will be assisting me on this release which will ensure that this split sees the light of day a little faster!

There are tons of other tapes/CDrs that I'm going to be working on but I'm going to hold off on announcing what they are for the time being, there's also another split 7" AND an 8" hexagon shaped lathe cut that will be coming out early in early 2013! Also, get ready for another MASSIVE blast of distro tapes and vinyl from Bringer Of Gore!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Swiss Noise Assault

The XLOSMOUX tape is ready!! This is the very first release I had ever planned out and it took about a year for this to see the light of day! One of the reasons this project was pushed back for so long was because of constant money issues but I bought a tape duplicator and have been churning out tapes like nobody's business.
 Prepare your stupid ass for 188 tracks of blistering THC laced Swiss NOISECORE
As always the tapes were duplicated, painted and assembled at TEG headquarters. Every tape comes with a  DIY sticker of an alternate logo. Limited to 60 copies!


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Serious Updates!

After months of waiting, and serious doubt as to whether or not I would actually receive my copies, I FINALLY got my part of the Lt. Dan "2009-2011 Collection" tape! I am completely sold out though, that shit vanished in about 2 hours. I was shorted some copies but was promised that I would receive them shortly so I will (hopefully) have more soon!
In other news the MUSTACHE MINCERS comp is officially being pressed! The very first project that I jumped in on as a co-presser will be ready soon!
Details are slowly but surely coming together for the Gorgonized Dorks/Iron Butter split 7" and work will begin on that as soon as the comp is out, as I've said quite a few times the G Dorks side is noise as fuck and I will have the IB tracks shortly.
The XLOSMOUX tape is just about ready, the tapes have been duplicated, j-cards printed and inserts made, they just need to be painetd and they'll be finished by Monday!
I have received tracks from Agitate and Badaksinga and will be ordering the tapes this weekend. The art is finished and duplication will start next week! I wanted to make a special edition for this tape but I don't know how likely it is that I will be able to, being broke sucks, it could still happen though.

MORE UPCOMING RELEASES, I've been saying for a few weeks to look out for more tapes and here they are!!
First up is the debut release from Boston's most hated; ISLAM85! Throw some fed-the-fuck-up Noothgrush inspired Powerviolence into a blender with spastic-barking-lazy-pothead-vocals, let it dry in a glass baking pan, cut it with some harsh as fuck grindsilence, mix in a little bit of misanthropic-stoner-doom, smoke and enjoy! Offended? GOOD!

I recently received an invitation to a show I couldn't attend because it's taking place on the opposite side of the country. Normally I ignore/delete these requests but this particular show had a fucking KILLER line up and included a band, with an awesome name, that I had never heard of before. I decided to give it a good once-over and was introduced to PLANET VEGETA. The line up included bunch of local cali grind/PV bands so I wasn't expecting this killer experimental strange-rock duo from California! I will be putting out a FREE CDr of their demo in the next couple of weeks, followed by their debut tape release! DBZ nerdz get ready, this is the sexiest Super Saiyan inspired, Lightening Bolt influenced shit you'll ever hear! Not grind but still great! Super-groovy-heavy-as-fuck-instrumental-violence not of this world!!

Yet another release that lacks in the fast, but supplies the heavy like nobody's business. My deep love for stoner/doom knows no bounds but STONE TITAN takes this shit to the next level! These CT drunkz are getting ready to unleash even more crushing riffage upon your stupid ass! As if I didn't already carry enough ST merch, prepare yourself for an onslaught of the heaviest-LSD-riddled-shit you've ever heard!

Last but not least, as promised... here's the list of confirmed bands that will be contributing to the "Irritated and Uncomfortable" comp:
Totes Brute
Blister Unit
Scrip Forger
Rectal Twat
Faction Disaster
Bone Ache
Raw Noise Apes
Thee Nodes
The Spirit Of St. Louis
Sorcerer Torturer
Couple Skate
Extreme Chafing

Work on the comp will start once I receive all tracks. Look for even more grotesque madness in the near future, stay tuned and stay disgusting!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I don't usually make a post deadicated to one specific band but these motherfuckers rule! CT scumbags Stone Titan summon forth some heavy as fuck LSD riddled DOOM!! I know, I know, it's hard to believe that there are bands outside of punk/grind/powerviolence but it's true. Awesome band, great dudes, SUPPORT!

First up is the 2011 US tour tape, this tape KILLS right down to the silly ass interview on the B side. Three different covers, first one sold out, and some badass DIY packaging! RESTOCK
Stone Titan split with Gowl, an uncompromising no gimmicks grind band, also from CT. RESTOCK
 This 7" will knock you on your ass and then kick you in the throat for trying to get back back up, HEAVY.
 CDr version of the 2011 tour tape, packaging isn't as cool but it's fucking FREE so shut the fuck up!
 The last of the Stone Titan t shirts! From what I understand they'll be making more shirts with a different design, grab this bastard while you can!
ALL tapes/CDs/shirts self released by Stone Titan, look out for more killer shit from these bastards soon! Is it possible that they have a tape coming out on Third Eye Grind? We'll see...